IP Camera Recorder

IP Camera Recorder 1.51

Connect to IP cameras and record video.

Connect to IP cameras and record video.

IP Camera Recorder is an easy to use video capture software. It enables one to connect to MJPEG stream, produced by almost any CCTV camera. Once connected, the program starts displaying video. User can monitor it and start video recording at any moment by pressing CTRL+S. IP Camera Recorder will ask to specify the file name. Once done, video recording will be started. Red circle in the top right corner indicates that video capturing is in progress. To stop video recording user should press ESC. The program requires VFW (video for windows) XVID codec to be installed on the user's computer. Almost any codec pack contains this codec. We are using K-Lite.

Simplicity. Our product is very different comparing to other products in this niche. It is very easy to use and can be utilized even by non professional user.

IP Camera Recorder


IP Camera Recorder 1.51

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  • shawnhaydenhowe

    by shawnhaydenhowe

    "I need help!!"

    It will not allow me to set up my IP Cam. It says I am not allowed to change it. Any thoughts??. More.

    reviewed on October 17, 2015

  • ratibor

    by ratibor

    "Simple and useful. "

    I like it, cause I don't have time to learn more complex products. More.

    reviewed on January 20, 2015